They are metallic structures where cables of various types are placed, with the aim of channelling them and avoiding possible accidents. It could be said that they are open structures similar to conduits for electrical wiring, but with easy access and installation.

On the other hand, it allows you to access them easily and also change or add others. This way, old cables can be easily replaced.

They are widely used in places where, for aesthetics and safety, it is necessary that these are ordered or covered.

There are several types depending on the materials that compose them or the uses from those made with galvanized steel to those made of aluminum or plastic.

Everything will depend on the purpose that is going to be given. On the other hand, their forms are also varied.

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Wire mesh cable trays

They are usually used in places where high temperatures can occur so that sufficient ventilation is provided.

They are very versatile and have elbows to accommodate all types of bends.

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In this case, the metallic structure is compact, and there are two types, the certificates for those installations that must comply with a specific regulation and the standard ones for other types of use.

Other add-ons

There are other accessories; there are the covers for the grid and channel, which serve to adequately insulate the electricity cables or the like.

On the other hand, the curves and derivations, which allow access to certain places? Of course, all of them have brackets and accessories, as well as the necessary joints and screws.

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Types of Cable Tray according to use

To channel the electricity cables, there are several Types of Cable Tray, as has been seen. A classification can be made by users, and there would be three large blocks.

This is how the scale ones would be, which allow extra lateral protection; those with solid lower cable, which help better ventilation;

Or those with channel cable, which provide moderate ventilation and are widely used in telecommunications.

Quality certification

Norms based on ISO standards have proven their usefulness, providing guarantees to processes and products.

In this way, the client knows that a certified service or article has passed through various controls and complies with the regulations regarding the safety and conditions of the materials used. 

There are several types of certifications, and there are several companies specialized in offering this service to others.

It establishes that the product has passed resistance, deflation, and other similar tests so that it offers the user all the guarantees.

In this way, it is ensured that the purchased product meets the appropriate quality standards.

The expert, the key

But, above all, it is best to always contact a professional. It will study each case and provide solutions adapted to each need.

In this way, you will carry out a detailed and adjusted budget for each client.

Installation of this type requires experience and know-how, something that is achieved over the years training.

Because safety comes first, in fact, it never hurts to review certain rules to take into account.

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