Stainless Steel Cable Trays​

The “Clean Tray” stainless steel cable tray is ideal for protecting nominal wiring in applications that require frequent washing. It has a wide variety of accessories that allow customized tours using a standard catalog product and supports directional control of the effluence of the wash. 

Stainless steel cable trays must be holed within a most space of 2.5 m by the trapezoid, wall, floor or channel mounting ways and shall not exceed the greatest loads individual by the manufacturer. The wire engage of the cable tray of the systems can be used securely in places where the temperature ranges from -40º C to + 150º C. In addition, we have accumulated rich resources in sending channels, which also promise our fastest delivery time. 

Features :-

Applications :-

PVC Cable Tray

Product Details :-

Size 50/100 mm
Color Gray
Material PVC
PVC Cable Tray​
Cable Ducts​

Cable Ducts

Product Details :-

Coating Pre -Galvanized Sheet, Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet, Powder Coating
Material MS

Deep Junction Box

Product Details :-

Coating Powder Coating, Pre - Galvanized Sheet, Hot Dip Galvanized Sheet
Size Customized
Customized MS
Deep Junction Box​