Pigeon Hole Rack

We are dedicated to providing a wide range of pigeon hole racks. We offer are covered on three sides. In pigeon hole race includes a division plates, also to a label holder and a plate as a stop. This stop plate prevents stored products from falling off the shelf.

Our pigeonhole racks are very popular in the market to meet the storage requirements of different industries. They are manufactured from high quality raw materials and have the advantages of long life, low maintenance and high load capacity.  It is a durable product. Pigeon hole rack are easily adjusted in everywhere.

Pigeon Hole Rack​
Features :
Robust built
Made from quality mild steel
Easily cleanable
Load bearing strength
Galvanized, thus protects from corrosion
Water resistant
Uniformly divided
Light in weight
Precise dimensions
Free from sharp edges
Available in customized sizes
Highly durable
Adjustable height
Easy installation
Maintenance free
Equally spaced shelves
Stable base on surface
Dent resistant
Can be easily moved
Wide storage space
Auto Mobile Sector
Hardware Stores