Our palletized racking systems are widely used in warehouses and storage areas. These systems hold different types of pallets, different types of cargo and capacities. Whether on flat pallets, mesh box pallets, cage containers, other cargo units, or multi-location storage systems, there is considerable flexibility in handling goods.

Our pallet racks are also called beam racks. It often turns out to be a heavy duty type pallet racks and is the most common shelf system. 

Pallet shelves can hold small quantities of multiple product types and large quantities of unified products. We provide the best solution for warehouses with palletized products. 

Pallet racks mainly consist of vertical frames and beams, and optional accessories include vertical guards, frame barriers, pallet support bars, pallet stop beams, loading panels, and more.

palletized racking systems
Free from sharp edges
Available in customized sizes
Highly durable
Adjustable height
Easy installation
Maintenance free
Equally spaced shelves
Stable base on surface
Dent resistant
Can be easily moved
Wide storage space
Robust built
Made from quality mild steel
Load bearing strength
Galvanized, thus protects from corrosion
Water resistant
Uniformly divided
Light in weight
Precise dimensions
Food & beverage industry
Chemical industry Warehouse
Metal industry
Chemical industry Warehouse