Our long span rack is the best solution for storing light to medium loads. Long-distance shelf units are offered in transparent sections of 3000 mm or more between two adjacent vertical frames. 

This allows long limbs to be stored without obstacles. It makes this type of system lighter than a rugged shelf system.

We also offer multi-level systems that make optimal use of the available vertical space. Higher levels can be accessed via recessed stairs and other systems. 

Our long-span shelf system panels are made of high-strength cold-rolled steel and can carry designed luggage in boxes / cartons stored in proper dimensions.

Long Span Rack
Features :
Water resistant
Uniformly divided
Light in weight
Precise dimensions
Free from sharp edges
Available in customized sizes
Highly durable
Adjustable height
Easy installation
Maintenance free
Equally spaced shelves
Robust built
Made from quality mild steel
Load bearing strength
Stable base on surface
Dent proof
Can be easily moved
Wide storage space
Industrial Warehouse
Online Shopping Warehouse
Warehouse in Malls