1. What are the advantages of Pre-Galvanization in cable trays and raceways?

The advantages of pre-galvanization in cable trays and raceways are as follows:-

  • Large coils of steel sheet can be galvanized within a short period of time.
  • Provides a more uniform coating.
  • Economically beneficial.
  • Efficient for complex shapes.

2. What raw materials are used to make cable trays?

Cable trays are generally fabricated with materials like low carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, zinc or Powder Coated tray.

3. What are the types of cable tray?

The following are the basic types of cable tray available:-

  • Perforated  Type
  • Raceways tray
  • Ladder tray
  • Wire Mesh

4.What is the cheapest type of raceway?

The cheapest raceway of all is GI Pre Galvanized Raceways, which is lightweight, easily installed, and comparatively strong.

5.Which is better to powder coated or painted iron?

Both powders coated and painted iron have their own benefits. In terms of resilience, powder coating is more preferable and in terms of cost-efficiency, the painting seems advantageous.

6. What raw materials are used to make cable trays?

Cable trays are generally fabricated with materials like low carbon steel, aluminium alloy, stainless steel, zinc or epoxy.

7. Which is more expensive iron or steel?

A. Iron is an earth metal element that is extracted naturally from earth whereas steel is a man-made alloy that is made from Iron and Carbon.

  • In general cases, Cast Iron is cheaper than steel because it requires less material to cause energy and Labour to produce the final iron product.
  • The price increases in the case of cast steel it requires much more machinery and labour.
  • Raw steel is more expensive than iron but a few prefabricated forms of steel such as sheets, rods, and bars are cheaper than iron.

8. What are the main categories of cable tray?

A. Cable trays can be classified according to two categories mainly:

  • According to the material used to make it
  • According to the structure of the cable tray

According to the material used to make a cable tray, there are three types of cable tray:

  1. Aluminum cable tray
  2. Steel cable tray
  3. Stainless steel cable tray.

According to the structure of the cable tray we mainly have 3 types of cable trays:

  1. Perforated cable tray
  2. Ladder-type cable tray

9. Where is your company based in India?

A. Our company is based in India with two production units, one mainly based in Ghaziabad UP with another unit in the DSIDC Industrial area of Jhilmil in New Delhi. We have also undertaken some export projects in Kabul, Phillipsenia, Kenya, and Jakarta. We cover a wide area in India and have installed systems in more than 50 Industrial and Commercial sites across India.

10. What are the different kinds of Raceway?

A. There are several types of raceways namely Mild Steel Painted Raceway, Powder Coated Raceways, Pre-Galvanized Raceways, Hot Dip Galvanized Raceways, Aluminum Raceways, and Stainless Steel raceways.

11. What is the standard for cable trays?

A. As per the international standard specifications cable tray systems must be tested for support, accommodation of cables, and other electrical or communication system installations. Different installations and networks require different standards, which reset by the governing body. Cable Trays have to be accordingly tested to meet the set standards of International Quality.

12. Please Describe Your Service?

A. Aditya Steel Industries offer various products such as

We also specialize in the construction of complex networks for industrial and civil purposes. Our innovative processes integrate support to distribution channels along with a quality management system to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers. We even undertake export projects government projects and commercial projects.

13. Why is the quality product required in cable trays and Raceways?

A. The main function of both Cable Trays and Raceways is to secure cable and wire inside it. IT makes it easier for the maintenance and installation of other industrial equipment and machinery. These trays secure cables and reduce the potential presentation of electric stun in-circuit testers and installers. As these form the main network framework of any industry it is very necessary that the cable trays and raceways are of good quality and reliable.

14. What is best about Aditya Steel Industries?

A. Aditya Steel Industries has experience of more than 26 years in manufacturing and supplying various storage systems and accessories from the year 1986.

  • Apart from this, the products made by Aditya Steel industries have a high functionality hybrids capacity by bending and torsional rigidity weather resistance and very competitive prices as compared to other products in the market.
  • The manufacturing units have advanced foreign equipment to produce high quality of products. The supplied raw materials and final products both undergo a strict control test to ensure quality and durability in the final result.