We offer a three-level storage system with excellent load-bearing capacity. These three-level storage systems are galvanized with zinc metal, so they are corrosion resistant and scratch-free. 

This 3-tier storage system is mainly installed in IT companies and other network industries. It is also used in manufacturing, hospitals, offices, etc.

Storage systems 3-tier shelves are primarily used for storing and preparing orders for non-palletized products, containers, cardboard boxes, or other storage units that contain small components, and for bulk storage. 

The 3-tier system maximizes floor space and increases storage efficiency. Stairs slopes or elevators connect walkways/corridors at different levels. Our 3-tier storage systems use space properly. This increases available floor space and reduces order processing time.

3 Tier Storage System
Maintenance free
Equally spaced shelves
Stable base on surface
Dent resistant
Can be easily moved
Wide storage space
Robust built
Made from quality mild steel
Load bearing strength
Galvanized, thus protects from corrosion
Water resistant
Uniformly divided Highly durable
Light in weight
Precise dimensions
Free from sharp edges
Available in customized sizes
Uniformly divided Highly durable
Adjustable height
Easy installation
Industrial Warehouse
Online Shopping Warehouse
Warehouse in Malls